Moving Ever Forward Despite Loss of Motivation

Do you spend countless hours of your non-gym time fantasizing about crushing every set of you workout with near beast-like savagery? Do you dream of conquering the iron and making even the heaviest of weights in your gym look like they were made of foam? Well if you are anything like me then both of the above statements will be true. It is one of the best feelings in the world to feel such a deep passion for something. A passion so strong that it burns in your very heart and soul and you know that you have to dedicate yourself 100 percent to this art. Any passion that is this powerful seems like it must never waiver even to the slightest degree right? Wrong. It is a common misconception that if you are truly passionate about something that is must be really exciting to you every moment of your life; however, most people will find that they will have spurts where the motivation just ins’t there and that can be a very scary thing for some people. Do not fret however as this is a very human trait to feel. I will offer up three basic suggestions that I personally recommend if you start to feel a lack of motivation toward something you love(specifically fitness in this example).

My first suggestion would be to just simple stay the course. In a world full of so many options it is no wonder our brain cant stay focused on anything for more than about 5 seconds it seems. Most of us have so many distractions that it should come as no surprise that at times maybe our mind will shift its passion away from fitness to maybe the new season of a Netflix series or a new relationship that we are trying to grow. Those things certainly can be some fun but that doesn’t mean its time to quit your fitness routine entirely just because you found something new that interests you even if you currently aren’t feeling too bitten by the fitness bug. When most people stop feeling that deep passion for training, they will take a few weeks off and those few weeks turn into months and by the time you get the passion back for training you will have lost quite a bit of ground. It is important to maintain at least a significant portion of your fitness routine during these slumps as it will make the time that you do start to feel your passion again that much better because you wont be playing this constant game of catch up.

My second suggestion is sort of contradictory to the first. If you still aren’t feeling that love of training anymore then I would recommend taking one week off of training. Your lack of motivation could stem from your body and mind being beat down from months of hard training. A simple week off can rejuvenate you and get you ready to train at your highest capacity again. You should make sure to only make it ONE week though, as you could find it easy to fall into the trap that I spoke of earlier where weeks of missed training turn into months

My Third and final suggestion would be to totally switch up your training. For example if you are a runner perhaps you could go to your local YMCA and try some swimming for distance. Your body and mind will thank you as a total change of pace will keep things fresh and exciting. There are so many competitive fitness areas to explore and who knows, you might find a new love for something that is still similar to your old fitness goals but just different enough that it keeps you feeling excited for each new training session. Crossfit, Strongman, Powerlifting, bodybuilding, olympic lifting, and training for more indurance sports like triathalons are all excellent avenues to explore in your fitness endevours.

I hope that this article will keep you heading in the right direction even when your training seems to have you in the doldrums. I leave you with a quote from the great Jean-Paul Sartre. He stated, “We must act out passion before we can feel it.”

Stay Strong,

         Cameron Whiteley